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The PXT Select is the latest generation of a comprehensive selection tool that is validated and reliable.  Used as an integral part of the hiring process, it provides invaluable information about an individual’s thinking style, behavioral traits and occupational interests.  This makes your hiring decision much more informed than the traditional methods of resumes and interviews.  The use of this state-of-the-art assessment instrument combined with a thorough behaviorally-based series of interviews and comprehensive background and reference checks will help your organization hire smarter, reducing turnover, improving performance, profitability and efficiency.

Organizations throughout the world rely on these assessments to help increase their competitive advantage by hiring the right people for the jobs they need to fill.  People are really your only competitive advantage.  Everyone has access to technology, markets, distribution and media.  How you capitalize on them depends on the quality of the people you employ and how well they fit the job they are in.  That’s where we come in.  Assessment technology has never been better.  The PXT Select is the simple, human tool you need to hire smarter!


One Person, One Position

PXT Comprehensive Selection Report
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A Simple Human & Smart Approach to Hiring

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Making The Very Human Decisions About Hiring – Simpler And Smarter

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