Profiles Assessments

The Profiles family of products rounds out the assessment services offered by Decision Point Assessment Solutions.

  • The Step One Survey II is a pre-employment assessment tool that measures an individual’s basic work-related values including work ethic, reliability and Integrity.
  • The Profiles Performance Indicator measures Productivity, Quality of Work, Initiative, Teamwork, Problem-Solving, and Adapting to Change.  It provides suggestions for improved effectiveness and gives guidance on how an individual may respond to job-related stress.
  • The Customer Service Profile measures several customer service skills:  Trust, Tact, Empathy, Conformity, Focus and Flexibility.  It also measures basic vocabulary and numerical skills.  This tool is available for several different applications including financial services, retail, healthcare and general customer service roles.
  • The CheckPoint 360 Degree Competency Feedback System is a comprehensive 360 degree assessment tool that measures the perception of the 8 Universal Management Competencies of Communication, Leadership, Adaptability, Relationships, Task Management, Production, Development of Others and Personal Development.  Contained within these competencies are 18 Skill Sets and 70 specific behaviors.  An excellent feedback and developmental process for managers and leaders.

These are the tools you need to help put the right people in the right jobs and help them become all they can be.  Your organization will be more productive, profitable, customer focused and efficient.  Call us to find out more.

The Profile XT is an all-encompassing assessment tool used for selection, development, training, managing and succession planning. It measures thinking style, behavioral traits and occupational interests and measures candidates against a Performance Model specifically and uniquely developed for each of the jobs you have to fill. This tool has multiple reports available including the Profiles Sales Assessment for evaluating sales fit and the Profiles Managerial Fit Report that measures critical workplace compatibility factors between managers and their employees.

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An employee performance assessment used to assess motivators to increase productivity. This tool is used to enhance and improve the onboarding process, to assist in managing performance and in strategic workplace planning.

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Measures customer service orientation through customer service and customer representative test performance modeling. The CSP has a variety of applications including screening employees for employment, job matching, onboarding, performance management and strategic workplace planning.


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The Step One Survey II is a pre-employment assessment measuring an individual’s basic work-related values. Used as a screening tool

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This exceptional tool evaluates leadership skills and effectiveness of managers through a feedback system from direct reports, peers and supervisors. An outstanding performance management and strategic workplace planning instrument.

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This tool evaluates sales skills and increases the effectiveness of sales teams through a feedback system.

Profiles assessments are validated and state-of-the-art human resource assessment tools relied upon by fifty thousand organizations throughout the world on six continents, in over a hundred and twenty five countries, and published in more than 30 languages.

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