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Emotional Intelligence

Genos Badge Practitioner graphicsWe all experience emotions every day.  In fact, we experience hundreds of them.  Our emotions influence our behavior, our decisions and our performance.  Negative emotions like anger, frustration and stress narrow our thinking, limit our interpretation of events and create reactionary behavior that is not well thought out.  Positive emotions like love, happiness, satisfaction allow for clear thinking, creative problem solving and openness to new ideas.  Take a moment to think about the very best boss, coach, mentor, teacher, etc. that you’ve ever had. As you recall that person and those memories, think about how they made/make you feel.

How we feel either enhances or impairs our decisions, our behaviors and our performance.  It directly impacts the level of employee engagement.

Emotional Intelligence comprises a number of different skills that assist us with recognizing and acknowledging the emotions of others and within ourselves. The use of Emotional Intelligence skills is equally important as the use of intellectual skills (IQ) for achieving accomplishments in your working and personal life. When considering the world of work, a Leader’s Emotional Intelligence is shown by research to be the single biggest factor in driving employee engagement.

Regardless of your status, or position in life or work, every person on this planet interacts with others in some way. When we are aware of our own emotions, and understand how they affect our everyday behavior, we have opened the door to success and achievement in both our working environment and in our home life.

It’s clear that developing the Emotional Intelligence of Leaders and Individual contributors greatly enhances the productivity, engagement and culture of organizations both internally and externally.

The Genos Advantage

  1. Designed specifically for application in the workplace (rather than academic or clinical)
  2. Measures observable behaviors (how people “turn up”)
  3. Designed for development including “before” and “after” measurements
  4. Recognizes and measures the link between Emotional Intelligence and Employee Engagement
  5. Takes into account the context (recognizes that Direct Reports, Peers, and Leaders will view some items as more important than others and that some raters are more familiar with the subject than others)
  6. Leader-specific and Individual Contributor-specific assessments
  7. Emotional Intelligence coaching, training and consulting programs available

Contact Us to learn how to measure the Emotional Intelligence of your Leaders and Individual contributors and to create a development program for them to move toward the Productive States.

Sample Reports

180° Emotionally Intelligent Leadership Feedback Report

Genos EI Leadership 180 Report
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360° Emotionally Intelligent Workplace Behavior Feedback Report


Genos 360° Emotionally Intelligent Report
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Emotionally Intelligent Workplace Behavior Self Report


Genos Workplace EI Self Report
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