Everything DiSC

Are your employees direct, firm, results-oriented, forceful, enthusiastic, lively, optimistic, tactful, accommodating, humble, patient, analytical, precise, systematic?  Of course!  They are all of these things but not everyone possesses all of these characteristics.  Everyone has a unique style and a unique combination of behaviors and behavioral tendencies.  Some people are warm and accepting.  Some are more questioning and skeptical.  Others are fast-paced and outspoken.  While still others are more cautious and reflective.  That’s where the Everything DiSC comes in.  The Everything DiSC instrument measures styles of behavior on 4 Quadrants, 8 Scales and 12 Styles.

The Four Quadrants:  Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Conscientiousness

The Eight Scales and Twelve Styles are a combination of these major Quadrants on the DiSC Circumplex Model.

Knowing where one stands on this model and knowing where others in your work group stand reduces conflict, maximizes work relationships, builds more effective work relationships and helps each member of your organization understand their reactions to their coworkers.  They know their own styles and they know the styles of others.  That promotes are more harmonious workplace and a more productive one.

The Everything DiSC is a flexible tool that can be used throughout the organization.  There is the Everything DiSC for the Workplace that can be used with everyone, the Everything DiSC for Management, The Everything DiSC for Sales and the Everything DiSC Work of Leaders.  Management is one to one and Work of Leaders is one to many.  There is also a unique Work of Leaders 363.  This is a newer and effective version of the well-known 360 degree feedback process.

The Everything DiSC is a truly valuable tool used in many thousands of organizations.  It will work well in yours.

Introducing A New Kind Of 360!

Everything DiSC 363 For Leaders
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Bring Out The Best In Each Employee.

Everything DiSC Management Profile
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Connect Better With Your Customers.

Everything DiSC Sales Profile
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The Work Of Leaders Made Simple: Vision, Alignment, And Execution.

Everything DiSC Work Of Leaders Profile
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Build More Effective Relationships.

Everything DiSC Workplace Profile
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