PTX SELECT® A Wiley Brand

  PTX SELECT® A Wiley Brand



Hiring and retaining a high-performing workforce is one the most important things an organization does.  In fact, the only thing that truly distinguishes one organization from another is the quality of the workforce.   We can help.
How many times have you hired someone who just did not work out?  On paper and during interviews, they seemed like the right one but, for some reason, it was not the right fit.  How often have you thought about how great it would be if your workforce was truly cooperative, collaborative and effectively working together?  How is your bottom line doing?  Your top line?  Your budget?  How important would it be to you if you could address these things, improve these things and continue to see improvement every day?  Pretty important!  It can be done.  And…that’s what we do!
Organizations across the globe have found that the use of validated, job-related and behavioral assessment instruments improve hiring success, retention, harmony in the workplace and help contribute immensely to productivity and profitability.  For-profit and non-profit organizations alike see improvements in their performance against their budgets and in their service to their customers, clients and constituents.

Decision Point Assessment Solutions

Decision Point Assessment Solutions helps organizations of all kinds analyze the human requirements of the job.  We help them select people who match the jobs they have to fill.  We help raise the likelihood of hiring top performers.  We work with employers to sensitize their people to their behavioral style.  They can then become more effective when working with people who have styles of behavior similar to their own or different from theirs.  We help leaders, managers and individual contributors understand their Emotional Intelligence to improve organizational and individual performance.  In other words, we help our clients’ most important asset become a true asset to the success of the organization.  That is our mission and our commitment.

Our Client Says

President, Fabrication and Assembly Company

Assessment tools are an invaluable “absolute must” when engaging in management or executive searches, organizational design, or team/leadership development.  When you use the right assessment tool and filter it through the interpretive, facilitation, and organizational leadership strength and experience of someone like Jim Ryan, your organization will always be on the right path to make the correct strategic decision every time.

Administrative and HR Officer, Film Production Company

I have worked with Decision Point Assessment Solutions for the last two years. The company and, especially Jim Ryan, were always very helpful and useful in helping me to make the right decisions for my organization.  Their tools made a significant difference in our recruiting process and helped us to make the right decisions and to hire the right people for key positions in our organization.

Attorney and Former Board Chair, Healthcare Non-Profit

When I was Board Chair of a large nonprofit with over 500 employees and was looking to hire a new CEO, I reached out to Jim to help us through the process. The assessments that Jim helped us design were instrumental in making our hiring decision. We were able to accurately identify the strengths and relative weaknesses of each candidate, and we used that information to ask probing and informative questions during the interview process. I wouldn’t make similar employment decisions in the future without first using the assessment systems provided by Jim.

President and CEO, Manufacturing Company and Defense Contractor

We have been using the assessments provided by Jim for many years and are absolutely convinced that the assessment tools provide us with essential information needed for our recruitment process. If you want to find the best candidates for your organization, you need to incorporate this assessment tool in your own recruiting efforts.  The results are amazing.

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